Our Volunteers

Limestone Medical Center’s Volunteer Department has long been a part of the Limestone County. Here are some pictures of our wonderful volunteers presenting much needed and much appreciated gifts to our Departments, Thank you!
Presentation of a Lab chair to the Laboratory
Presentation of the Physical Therapy Work Bench by the volunteers.
Presentation of a Wii Game system to the Cardio-Pulmonary Department
Our extraordinary volunteers have contributed over $2 million dollars in volunteer hours, (calculated at minimum wage). Volunteer Program Volunteers are required to attend orientation, annual education updates, wear uniforms, pay $5.00 for annual dues and attend several general meetings per year. Orientations for new volunteers are held monthly. There are currently 20 adult members who dedicate a minimum of three hours a week to Limestone Medical Center and Family Medicine Center. Service award pins are presented for donated service. A pin represents the first 100 hours. Thereafter, bars are given to represent each 100 hour increment of time. The Volunteers elect four officers each year for a leadership team that meets on a monthly basis. This team along with chairmen from various departments within the Volunteer organization comprises the Executive Board, which is responsible for decision making for the Volunteer Department. At Limestone Medical Center we are very proud of our Volunteer Department and their many accomplishments.

Contact Information:

Johnnie Wilson, President



Frances Payne, Vice-President

Treasurer – Rose White

Secretary – Bobbie Jean King

Vice President – Frances Payne

President – Johnnie Wilson